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Listed among top 100 WorldHeritageSites Stories for the month of May 2016

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My article “Why Majuli Should Be Declared A World Heritage Site” (published in Swarajya and Youthkiawaaz) has been listed among top 100 WorldHeritageSites stories across the Globe by global social media data analytics farm ‘Agilience Search’.Check it-




Debasish Parashar: «Telaraña Perfumada» (Poesía de la India)

I am so happy to inform you that a few of my poems have been translated into the beautiful #Spanish language by Mariela Cordero for the famous literary site Liberoamérica · Plataforma Literaria.

Mariela Cordero is a Lawyer, Poet, and Visual Artist from Valencia, Venezuela. She is the author of ‘The Body of Doubt’ (Ediciones Publicarte; Caracas, 2013) and ‘The Identical Fire’ (Ediciones Movimiento Poetico; Maracaibo, 2015). Her poems have been published and won prizes internationally in Italy, China, England, Spain, Argentina and other countries.

My heartfelt thanks to Mariela as well as all my wonderful translators who have translated my works into Serbian, Russian, Albanian, Persian, Indonesian, Macedonian, and different other languages across the world. So humbled ! So honored !


4 delhis.

mi plano existencial de experiencia y las inmensas llanuras aluviales de Yamuna
crean un ángulo
inversamente proporcional a la renta de mi casa.
4 delhis.

si hay un auto en la calle
el auto en la calle puede transformarse en varios autos
puede ser editado como un video clip.
4 delhis.

hay una boda en el segundo piso
y aquí estoy, un extraño feliz como un voyeur sin una razón creíble
vivir puede ser como fumar pasivamente.
4 delhis.

puedo escalar esta ciudad como un lagarto contra la gravedad
puedo rodar esta ciudad como viejas cintas fotográficas
Puedo leer y deconstruir esta ciudad.
4 delhis.

Nací en una casa sin número. Solo conocía esa casa
como los sonidos de los brazaletes de mi madre. Simplemente lo sabía.
Ahora vivo en una ciudad múltiple que se multiplica verticalmente en una compleja matriz de números.
4 delhis.

Ristra del Caos.

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Debasish Parashar: Translated into Afrikaans


I am so happy to inform you that a few of my poems have been translated into the beautiful #Afrikaans language by Don Beukes for his wonderful blog . Don, who lives in Paris, is a Pushcart Prize shortlisted Poet, Musician & the Author of ‘The Salamander Chronicles’ & ‘Icarus Rising- Volume 1’ .Please check his books at https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01N6INXAK.

My heartfelt thanks to Don as well as all my fellow translators who have translated my works into Serbian, Russian, Albanian, Persian, Indonesian, and different other languages across the world.So humbled ! So honored !

Note : Africaans is a language of southern Africa, derived from the form of Dutch brought to the Cape by Protestant settlers in the 17th century. It is an official language of South Africa, spoken by around 6 million people as their first language (Source : Google)
via Debasish Parashar:Translated into Afrikaans

My Single ‘Pamaru Mana’ from my upcoming EP #ProjectAdvaitam is out !

My Single ‘Pamaru Mana’ from my upcoming debut EP #ProjectAdvaitam is out  !

#PamaruMana #Borgeet #DEV.advaitam #ProjectAdvaitam #BrajaboliLanguage


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Here it is :

Inaugural Issue of Advaitam Speaks Literary : Vol. 1-Issue 1-July 2017


Hello World,

We are really glad to launch the inaugural issue of Advaitam Speaks Literary journal almost on time. We have faced multiple hurdles but we have overcome every hurdle with patience and with smiles.It feels amazing.We are thankful to our contributors, mentors, readers and well-wishers for making this journey memorable.

We must also inform you that we love to encourage emerging poets and new voices. Hence we have decided to bring out a separate ASL Issue for Emerging Poets towards the end of this month.

Thank you for your patience and love.


Debasish Parashar

Editor-in-Chief, ASL journal.

Appeared in ‘Where Are You From ?’, an Anglo-Persian world anthology of poetry from New York


It feels so amazing to inform you that some of my works have been #translated into #Persian #Farsi language by Iranian-American poet, researcher, editor and friend Soodabeh Saeidnia.My babies have appeared in a bilingual Anglo-Persian world #anthology of Poetry from #NewYork named ‘Where Are You From ?’.

The anthology contains 165 short poems, haiku and micro-poetry by poets from across the world translated to Farsi (Persian) in addition to photographs by 10 professional and amateur photographers.

After Albanian, Farsi is the second non-Indian language my works have been translated into. My sincere thanks to Soodabeh for her wonderful creative endeavors.By the way, the anthology is now available on #Amazon :